For sale:Oldsmobile Rocket muscle car parts 350 cubic inch high performance exhaust manifold
This is a high performance exhaust manifold that GM should have produced. We have produced what everybody was asking for. This is the high performance solution for Oldsmobiles instead of headers. Features include large 2 1/4" outlet on the driver side manifold (original stock manifold is 2"), no crossover pipe hole to plug on the passenger side, divided center port design, larger design for better air flow, direct bolt on with no modification needed. These manifolds were conformed from the 1970 455 W30 manifold and were custom fit to the small block for all proper clearances. They will fit 1964 to 1988 small block Oldsmobile 307, 330, 350, 403. Will fit all GM A body cars, G body cars, and F body Trans Am with a 403 and 1971 and newer B and C body cars. The prototype has arrived and has been approved for production and the manifolds will be in stock March 2008.

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