What you do to me…

I see it in your never-ending eyes
It’s something even you cannot disguise
Your dreaded hate: for love that I would share
All I’ll ever know: is that it’s not fair.
Why should I such be chained upon the ground?
While I see you are free to roam around?
I’m in a desert and you’re my water.
I’m lost in the sea and you’re my rudder.
Show me the way; get me to the shoreline.
But, when I’m without you I’m just not fine.
You flood my life and inundate my soul.
And being without you just takes its toll.
Please let down your wall and let me inside
You should know that in me you can confide.
I guess we’re two ends of the same magnet
I’m a poor boy and you’re just a magnate (1)
The closer to you I attempt to get
The further you’ll push and the more you’ll fret.

(1) magnate: a rich business owner.