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title = First Mate.mp3 Rock Opera by KingArthur.com Based on a Vision From God

description = An entire album with a concept. *Free For All* MP3's, lyrics and downloading information. What will the end of times be like? Where can I find out about the second coming of Jesus Christ?


First Mate


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Part I First Mate
Part II First Mate
Part III First Mate
Part IV First Mate

1. Is there anyone at home,
Or, am I all alone?
I see the inevitability,
Surrounding me,
And, I know...
I have to break free.
So, here I go,
Shaping destiny.

2. There's gotta be a way,
To steer clear of here,
I hope and pray,
The answer's near,
I can see will,
Turning to was,
So, as long as there's still,
I'll try for us.

3. Looks like I'll need,
To pound out more than one problem,
Without having to concede,
Who I am,
This place is in a race,
Towards disgrace,
If I could build a bridge,
Like a giant arch,
Or, better yet,
On the tallest ridge,
Construct an arc,
An astral boat,
For a skyward float.
Pounding out,
Every doubt,
Pounding out,
Every kink,
In how I think,
Pounding out,
Every doubt,
Pounding out,
A new route,
... about...
Learning to be a lover,
Of how to hover,
Learning to hover,
And, be a real lover,
Pound it out!
Pound it out!
Pound it out!

4. It's time to gather,
Unless you'd rather,
Befriend disaster,
It's time to gather,
Let's move faster,
Unless you'd rather,
Befriend disaster.

It's a shame,
It has to go down like this,
I really wish,
I could take the blame,
If it were all the same,
I'd like to take the fall,
For ya' all,
But, the Captain says,
She'd hate that fate,
For the First Mate,
She's staying afloat,
On her boat,
Sending the mutiny,
To see,
She's setting Her boat...
Due to the peril,
Of you and me,
Gonna send every offender,
Sending the mutinous,
To sea,
And, those fighting for the righteous,
To see,
Send these fighting floating,
To see.

5. Dreaming of a plan,
For who I am,
Should it turn out good,
Offered for free,
To every human,
I just wish I could,
Dream a plan,
Of planning a dream,
Where everyone's as free,
As me,
Dreaming of planning,
Planning on dreaming,
A sole understanding,
Of soul understanding,
Demanding planning dreaming,
Of this man dreaming planning,
From you,
Because you are in this vision, too,
Instead of a collision,
Let's have the vision to make the decision,
Of planning on dreaming,
Of living the dream,
Where the scene,
Is dreaming a plan,
For all human,
Let's have the vision to make the decision,
Of planning on dreaming,
Of living the dream,
Where the scene,
Is dreaming a plan,
For every human,
That does sustain,
To obtain,
Being humane.

6. From the grace of God above,
They'll get our message,
Message of love,
Sending it out,
To all far and near,
Hoping it's passage,
To any ear,
That wants to hear,
What we're about.
I can't find my way out of here,
And, perhaps from way out there,
Someone, something,
Will here me sing,
Becoming aware,
The symbol of the dove,
Representing love,
Help us fly,
Lift our spirits,
Before we die,
Let's love, let's?
Please do not laugh,
We're in need of a craft,
A real liferaft,
For liftoff,
We'll pack our love,
To take above,
So, please hear the plea,
From lil' ole me?

7. To every civilized being,
The alarm is sounding,
For those realizing,
They've been less than civil,
Now, they're feeling quite ill,
So, please send aid!

Calling any creature,
Across the universe,
It's about the future,
Of the Star's son,
An attempt to ensure,
The star known as, Sun,
The third planet,
Seems to want to plan it --
That they fade.

But, at least one,
Wants to run,
To run on and on and on,
Too much left undone,
Too much more to happen,
If you are out there,
Hopefully, this will make you aware,
Being a more civilized being,
You might even care?

8. Don't snuff the love stuff,
I haven't had enough,
Don't snuff the love stuff,
Please don't extinguish the light,
I don't wanna relinquish the right,
Want the human,
To see another night,
Wanna be a fan of man,
Not embarrassed,
Of our plight,
Not run bare assed,
Out of sight.

There's at least one heart,
Still aglow,
Hope you'll start,
To let it know,
Ya won't allow the snuffing,
I can keep my love stuffing,
If ya don't let us snuff the love stuff..
Don't snuff the love stuff,
Oh, no, no, no,
Don't snuff the love stuff,
Oh, know, know, know.

9. Star light,
Star bright,
First star I see tonight,
Wish I might,
See you right,
Could it be,
You're moving closer to me?
You're coming nearer to see,
If what I told you,
Is true?
When you find,
That it is,
Would you mind,
Minding my biz?
Here's the thing...
Usually, I'd tell you,
To but out,
But, my butt,
Hanging out,
Swings in a sling,
Now, I could use,
Almost anything,
To help fuse,
My broken heart,
Instead of a start,
We decided to end,
We divided and then,
We slaughter, again,
Again and again,
Until it was obvious,
No one would win,
The whole time oblivious,
To how disastrous,
For all of us!

10. Ahh, Man,
Sure feels like I'm stuck,
Between a rock,
And, no place.

Stuck to a hurling geosphere,
Having destroyed our biosphere,
I fear,
There's no way outta here.
The Lord said to Noah,
"You'd better build an ark,"
But, I must concede,
The ship I need,
... well, er, a... no, a...
I'm no Noah,
Nor, do I know Noah,
So, how is it possible for me,
To reach escape velocity?
I don't understand,
How I am,
To break free,
Of Earth's hold on me,
Though a lover of land,
It's no longer,
A safe place to be...
Gotta get to outer space,
Grrrr... need to be stronger,
Need to build credence,
Yes, that makes sense,
Stuck between a rock,
And, no place,
Until I build confidence,
Stuck between a rock,
And, no place,
Until I build assurance,
Stuck between a rock,
And, no place,
Until I build a reliance,
An alliance,
With the Captain,
Of creation,
To see if She's in need of me,
I could be Her first mate,
I could ask if She needs my service,
And, depart from this port...
Leave the surface,
As She sets sail,
Across the universe,
No longer,
Stuck between a rock,
And, no place,
Taking my place in Her space.

11. Wait! Don't stop!
How to do both,
At the same time?
I took the oath --
Wait! Don't stop!
How to make reason,
Or rhyme?
Having committed treason,
On this vessel,
It'll be hard to convince Her,
I'm not a traitor,
Yeah, well,
How does She expect me to treat Her,
After sinking Her best craft,
She'll think me daft,
Seeking a position on Her astral ark,
After we didn't hark,
Her warning...
We did nothing,
We didn't think,
We let it sink,
Now, if I'm to stand a chance,
I must chance and take a stand,
Strike up the band!
March to the drummer of a new dance --
Wait! Don't stop!
Don't hesitate,
To wait,
Doing what's wrong,
But, don't stop,
Striving to do better,
It does matter!
Because it won't be long,
'till "the hammer drop,"
Set in motion as our fate,
Too late to appreciate,
Now I can't wait to not stop,
I've got to make an amend,
On behalf of all men:
Please forgive our sin,
I won't do it again,

12. How to get this hairless ape,
In shape?
If I'm to be worthy,
I'd better get prepared,
She could come,
Like a thief in the night,
So, I'd better hurry.
Could you give me any insight?
Any knowledge,
That can be shared,
About what's to become?
Will there be enough air,
Up there?
Will it be a challenge?
How will sound,
Get around?
Will music have a beat?
What will there be to eat?
How will it compare?
I'm still concerned,
About the air...
What can be learned,
In advance,
To give me a better chance?
Shall I hold my breath,
As long as I can,
Using only enough,
To avoid death?
Then, do it again?
That will be tough!
How will I get air,
Up there?
I'm praying,
You like O2, too,
And, playing,
Music to my ears,
Alleviating fears,
Playing me,
As your wind instrument,
That would certainly,
Be different.

13. Looking out of my room,
Upon the ruin,
Sea rising,
Saltwater intrusion,
Air stinking,
Land sinking,
War on terror,
In error,
War on drugs,
By the thugs,
Mass confusion,
Looking down,
As we drown,
In our own cesspool.
(What a fool!)
Looking out,
Into the night,
There's no doubt,
As the ship moves,
Into sight,
She'll put in,
To our port,
It proves,
What is right,
It will begin,
A new era,
Without error --
A beatific report.

14.  I just can't believe,
It's really here,
Yes! Now, it's coming in clear,
But, it's hard to perceive,
Who, what, where, why,
Are you flying through the sky?
Certainly, when you see our mess,
You will want to know less,
We've trashed this place,
Why travel through space,
For this definition,
Of a destination?
Surely, you don't plan to stay,
I just hope you'll stop,
Before going on your way,
I sure hope you're hiring hands,
So that I can make a planet hop,
Take me to some far off lands?

Coming closer,
Still approaching,
Hope I never,
Give up hoping.

15. Alienated Alien (Instrumental)

(The UFO makes it's final approach to Earth...
the ship slipping into a slip,
port side to port,
starboard toward the stars,
the aft of the craft tucked away,
as if taking a bow,
the bow pointed this way,
the hatch comes unlatched,
music blasts past,
a bright light overtakes the night,
and, a creature comes into sight.)

16.  Oh, my God!
What the heck is it?
Could it be my ship came in?
If the grace of this organism,
Can save the wretch,
That I am.
That would be something.
Who could have heard my plea,
Who would want to help me...
Help us?
Seeing the fall of Man,
Who would catch?
Who can?
You're not hostile,
So, maybe it's true,
Maybe you can give me a job,
For a while,
Maybe I can serve you,
And, by serving you,
You'll be saving me,
The fool,
I've set my house on fire,
There's so much smoke,
It'll make ya choke,
I flush my toilet into the sea,
Making it toxic,
Then, I wonder, "Gee...
Why is everyone sick?"
I didn't care about myself,
Nor, my fellow Man,
Until it was too late,
I did not understand,
We determined our own destiny,
We planned our fate,
Instead of inner health,
And, social wealth,
We choose to exterminate,
Without your amazing grace,
We were headed to extermination,
Forever erased from this place,
Extermination -- damnation of our race.

(The creature, clad in a protective spacesuit,
Rises from behind the control panel,
All the time the music does expel,
My prayers have been answered?!?!?!
You're not here in error?
You're here to save me... please don't refute!
Here's my hand.)

I'm so glad you did land,
I'd love to shake the hand,
Of the kind soul,
That's come to bail me out,
Of the mess,
I got myself in,
I confess,
There's been a heavy toll,
And, this is no longer heaven.

(As the creature takes off his glove,
I'm overcome by a sense of love,
Then, I see...
A wound in his hand,
The spirit fills me,
As I understand,
My troubles pale,
Compared to the wound from a nail.)

It's real!
Emmanuel behind the wheel.
I reeled,
Amazing grace,
How sweeeeet the sound,
That saves a wretch,
Like me,
I've been found,
Leaving this godforsaken place,
I'm so glad you came back,
For the second round,
You've come to fetch...
Now, I can be set free,
In the promised land,
As part of your band.

Emmanuel behind the wheel!
I can feel, feel, feel,
Emmanuel behind the wheel!
The 2nd coming is real,
Emmanuel behind the wheel!
Before thee I kneel,
Emmanuel behind the wheel!
And, pray this day,
You take your children away.

Never Wake A Sleeping Giant