Search Engines

To optimize a website for ranking highest in search engine results, you should publish quality content. It should be published as early as possible and stay consistent over time. The content should be easy to read with little clutter. Particular attention should be paid to the website design and engineering. You should integrate the content into a long standing and reputable network. Search engines, such as, are concerned over any practice that may cause the population not to trust their results. If a search engine thinks you are trying to manipulate their results, they will penalize or ban you.

Q: What is SEO and SEM?
A: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing attempt to get webpages to rank at the top of a search engine's results.

Q: Is it possible to optimize webpages so that they rank higher?
A: The answer is a qualified, "Yes." Yes, qualified -- some things that help webpages rank higher are under your control. Some things are not. In general, it depends on the search engine algorithm. WARNING: It's easier to damage your ranking than to improve it.

Q: What is a search engine algorithm?
A: Search engines use a complex mathematical equation to determine how results will be displayed. The algorithm is not set in stone. Usually, the search engine engineers monitor how well their algorithm works. A search engine's popularity is dependent on the public perception of the algorithm's results. If the results are not reflective of the web's content, people will migrate to another search engine. If the results are tainted, people will migrate faster to another search engine. A good search engine will try to improve upon their algorithm over time.

Q: What are tainted results?
A: and are good examples of search engines that developed tainted results. At first, their engineers developed algorithms that produced great results. In particular, AltaVista became the best search engine on the www. But, as the Internet grew, they became less able to handle the growing content. Then, in an effort to help pay for the increasing costs, they let third parties taint the results in exchange for payment. Advertisers would pay to show up higher under various search terms. This practice tainted their results. Within a very short period of time, AltaVista fell from grace. AltaVista was the most recognized search engine on the Internet. Now, most people never even heard of it. The population stopped using it because they couldn't trust the results.

Q: What else might be part of an algorithm that I can't control?
A: As mentioned above, if a search engine takes payment to skew results, you can not control the outcome. Luckily, this type of search engine usually goes out of business in short order. But, there are many variables that good search engines use that are also out of your control. The age of your domain name is an example of a common algorithm component that you can not readily improve upon. The creation date of the webpage is another example.

Q: What are some examples for things I CAN do to help optimize my website for search engines?
1) For the most part, search engines are good at reading text. Do not use Flash, Java, scripts, active webpages, php or other pages that don't exist as text.
2) Do use text words that people are likely to search for. If you find a web engineer with good experience, he will have knowledge about search engine behavior. A good web engineer can see what search terms people type into search engines and what gets them to "click through" to the web page. A good web engineer will also have a huge database of top search queries collected over time from his network of webs. Properly employing these strings of characters will help your results.
3) Who links to you and who you link to. Most algorithms take into account the reputation of your links. If a university links to you, that will help your results. If you have commercial links to other sites, that will hurt your results.

Q: What do you tell people that ask for your help with their search engine rankings?
A: First, we can examine our resources. Then, we can leverage these assets, as well as, continue to expand on the idea. Because of your website design, web engineering and length of existence of your URL's, it is unlikely we can get your homepage to show up at the top of search results (at least not at a reasonable cost.) However, with a reasonable budget, we could leverage our existing assets and work on an expansion plan.

We'd suggest smaller, staggered budgets instead of blowing a load up-front. A periodic and progressive advertising campaign that integrates your website and our network seems to make the most sense.

Starting with a budget of $4,400.00, we could get a jump on phase I. After that, we could better determine how to proceed. Sometimes that means quarterly tweaks for a few hundred dollars. Other times the ROI indicates a larger budget will yield even larger returns.

We enjoy experimenting in any number of ways. Just let us know what works for you?

Q: How is your service different or more effective then another SEO service?
A: Our service is more effective because of several key reasons:
1) Experienced web designers. The back-end of a webpage is as important as the front-end. Most publishers of websites are concerned first and foremost with aesthetics Though the look and feel of a website have some importance, the aesthetics of a site rarely influence search engine results. The back-end of a webpage is usually much more important for search engine optimization. Our web designers are among the most experienced.
2) Experienced web engineers. Not only is the engineering of a website critical, but how a website fits into the entire world wide web is vital. If a website is built to stand alone, it is unlikely to achieve critical mass. Our web engineers are among the most experienced.
3) Aged URL's. Our web designers and web engineers started "marketing research and development" near the inception of the web browser and initial HTML specifications. Some of our URL's have been in existence since 1994. Having your message affiliated with these URL's is invaluable.

Q: How long should it take to move up the ranking?
A: That depends on many variables, such as, what search engine you are using, the type of product or service you offer and how your message is integrated into our advertising network. In general, it takes days or even weeks to see it rising toward the top of the charts. Usually in 6 - 18 months the ranking can be substantially improved.

Q: How will I know your service is working (page rank movement)?
A: Page rank movement will be obvious. However, it is our desire for our clients to make more money than they spend. Therefore, we hope you will know our service is working because of the results -- increased customer interaction that results in improved sales.

Q: Please explain the challenges in moving up the ranking with an example, such as, if someone just created a site for an attorney and they want to get a high ranking for Mesothelioma they will likely be disappointed.
A: It is true that your competition will impact your ranking. If you are the only supplier of a high demand product, our job will be easy. On the other hand, if you are 1 of a billion suppliers of buggy whips, you will likely be disappointed. There are other variables that can't be controlled, too. An example: two people do a search at Unbeknown to them, they happened to land on two different Google servers that tap into two different Google databases. One person's search results show your company listed in the top ten. The other person's search results don't show you at all. Though this problem can be overcome, it is much more challenging.

By the way, why don't we try an experiment with lawyers?

Q: So, $4400 to start? What are you promising or offering for quantifiable changes?
A: We can not promise nor guarantee anything. Why not? Because we can't control third party search engines, nor can we control the quality of your products or services. However, our knowledge, experience and track record speak for themselves. To date, our success record has been 100%. What a client can expect for that price is that their message will be integrated into our marketing plan and will be seen by millions of viewers.

Q: What's the difference (because these people are uninitiated) from a $15 service like
A: The main differences are in the web designers, web engineers and the established URL's. No other company can offer the same quality of service. That is because we have been here since the beginning. In many instances, we invented the business systems utilized in our advertising and marketing services.